Headteacher's Welcome

Dear Parents, 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Horizon School, Dubai. 

Since its formation in 1992, Horizon has established a rich tradition as a school that cares. At Horizon, we develop our children into kind, creative, tolerant and passionate learners, who are given the opportunity to succeed today, whilst being prepared for the complexities of tomorrow.

We have challenging and rigorous academic expectations in an inclusive environment, where barriers to learning are identified, appreciated and overcome together. We aim to develop the leaders of the future, by surrounding children with opportunities to innovate, critically reflect, collaborate and take ownership of their own learning processes and development. Our academic outcomes are aligned to the highest performing schools locally, in the UK and internationally.

Many of our families have travelled a long way to be here and we believe that a school such as ours serves as the heart of the community. Our children and families develop relationships with others that last a lifetime. Our community events, school events and facilities allow us to bring the diverse parental body together to share the children’s experiences and contribute to this wonderful environment.

As a father myself, my commitment to you is to provide a safe, secure, enriching environment and lay the foundations under which your children can flourish.

For those of you considering choosing Horizon, you must experience it first hand if you want to understand our school. You are very welcome to visit the school and interact with our wonderful team.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you and your children soon.

Very best wishes,

Ian Wallace
Acting Headteacher